Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

Is It Wildcard Time?

Episode Summary

As FPL managers settle in for the final eight gameweeks of the season, Josh and Brandon debate wildcard strategy and the more immediate GW31 dilemmas.

Episode Notes

Heading into GW31, many FPL managers are wondering whether it's too early to wildcard, too late to make a maverick move, or just too confusing to navigate around the maze of fixture blanks and doubles. So, what do the Cheaters think? Josh and Brandon touch upon their own plans for an end-of-season wildcard and which teams and players will be key in triggering that decision. Is Chelsea's defense worth the headache? Can Liverpool turn the corner with their form and make players like Alexander-Arnold relevant again? And what about teams like Leicester City and Leeds who present a complex combination of pros and cons? Amidst our wildcard ramblings, we also cover more immediate GW31 dilemmas and preview our transfer targets for the upcoming matches. Hail Cheaters!