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Preview - American Prodigy: The Freddy Adu Story

Episode Summary

Check out this sneak peak of Blue Wire's newest soccer podcast American Prodigy: The Freddy Adu Story hosted by journalist Grant Wahl.

Episode Notes

He was an American prodigy. The next Pelé. The savior of U.S. soccer. But he wasn’t even old enough to drive. In 2004, Freddy Adu joined MLS at 14 years old becoming the youngest pro athlete in America in 100 years. His story is a tale of talent, money, fame and futbol. Soccer journalist Grant Wahl retraces the legend of Freddy as he went from superstar to one of the biggest "what ifs," asking, what determines who "makes it," who "doesn't," and what does all of it say about us?

American Prodigy is now available. Listen here.